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    Been keeping a pretty low profile over here on the blog; hope nobody was too disappointed. I've been busy lately with band stuff: playing a few shows, recording a lot, making notes on archival recordings from the past year, and finalizing a few upcoming releases (one on Paha Porvari and one on Apostasy).

    Also have managed to happily host a few travelers. First up was D. Bauler, aka Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, the King of Iowan Noise, who we collaborated with (via post) on last year's Damp and Damned cassette-only release. Hot on his heels was the theremin-weilding Gwyneth Merner, aka The Opera Glove Sinks In The Sea, who contributed a wonderful track of tenebrous drone and insect-song to our two-disc Lead Into Gold comp from earlier this year.

    During each of these visits we had some time for a little sit-down, where we could play for a bit and produce some collaborative recordings, both of which yielded some intriguing material which may find a home someplace (or it may sit in the archives alongside the super-secret Number None / Skaters jams).

    What else?: writing, teaching, reading novels, reading comics, the usual. Enjoying new(est) issues of Cabinet and Kramer's Ergot. Changed my e-mail address and my phone number. Stay tuned.

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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006
    2:40 PM


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