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    some news about hal hartley

    For a long time now, I've mentally grouped Hal Hartley's output into two phases, with Trust, The Unbelievable Truth, and Simple Men constituting the "Long Island" phase, and with Amateur and the films that follow it constituting the "New York" phase.

    Carrying on with this conceit, we could say that phase three is now underway, as Hal Hartley announced last summer that he would be moving to Berlin and continuing his work as a filmmaker there.

    And why?:

    "I just can't make films anymore in America. It's too expensive. It's too expensive in New York. If you want to make films that are based on your interests or the people around you, you can't necessarily be tied to being a commercial success. And that's all that happens here."


    My very definition of a flawed society may be one which Hal Hartley needs to flee in order to continue making films.

    PS: New Hal Hartley film, Fay Grim, expected later this year.


    Wednesday, September 20, 2006
    1:24 PM


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