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    As some of readers of this blog probably know, in my "spare time" I help to run an experimental record label, Rebis. We just released a new batch of stuff, so I thought I'd plug it here...

    First up we have Autumn Engines, a collection of lo-fi netherworld drones from Hasan Gaylani and Ben Jones, aka the mysterious Jazzfinger. With help from Ben Wilkinson and Sarah Sullivan, these guys have been summoning up hypnotic smolder-patterns for a decade now, documented mostly on a stream of European CD-Rs, cassette- and vinyl-only releases. If you've been unable to track these things down, or turned off by the esoteric formats, Autumn Engines (their debut stateside CD release) should work as a great introduction to a band that Aquarius Records calls "totally breathtaking" and that Wire journalist David Keenan calls "one of the best free / avant / drone / primitive groups in the UK." $14 postpaid... and if you want a free taste, check out the tasty MP3 of their track "Dreams Cast Shadows," available on our sounds page.

    In other exciting news, we're also taking this summer as an opportunity to launch our new Rebis imprint, Whitened Sepulchre, dedicated to reissuing and preserving key recordings of the New Electronic Sublime. We're kicking things off with a reissue of "...Ascends the Sky", an out-of-print gem from cosmic improv masters My Cat Is An Alien. Originally released in 2001 as CD-R, "...Ascends the Sky" presages the vast sonic nebulae now familiar to MCIAA fans, but those same fans may be surprised by the way the disc moves through more warm or tuneful regions, evoking surprising associations like Spiderland-era Slint, or Tim Buckley's Lorca or Starsailor albums. $14 postpaid.

    And finally, a few copies of Lichfields arrived in the mail from Norway recently... Lichfields is a cassette-only Number None release out on Gold Soundz in a limited edition of 50. The Gold Soundz folks are already sold out, so we're willing to part with two or three out of our stash. The Volcanic Tongue folks (who also have a few copies) say Lichfields' three tracks are "beautifully static forms that morph into whatever kind of star-cluster you wanna dip into it." Sounds good to us. $10; and when they go, they're gone. Order through this page...



    Thursday, July 20, 2006
    1:30 PM


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