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    Currently travelling around the East Coast for a couple of weeks, which means that updates to this blog may be sporadic.

    Last night my all-boys team placed third in a Rock and Roll High School trivia challenge (second place went to the all-girl half of our posse, but at least I got a T-shirt). Afterwards I went out for a round of Yuenglings with a group of folks, including Anthony Miccio, sometimes Voice-writer, who, I learned, wrote this piece about the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait." I haven't heard the song but I was glancingly familiar with Miccio's piece on it cause about a year ago I'd read this response from Jessica Hopper. Read both if you get a chance: it's worth it, and the two pieces taken together open up a good half-dozen cans of worms: gender, power, race, privilege, sexuality, sexual violence, pop culture and its ramifications, etc. Good stuff to think about on a vacation.


    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    12:55 PM


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