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    Some things I'm involved with are debuting on the Web this week:

    One is Lead Into Gold, a 2-CD set from Rebis.

    Lead Into Gold collects long-form works from a number of artists based on the theme of alchemical transmutation—ie. pieces that start in one place and end somewhere radically different, or that substantially alter their source material. Some pretty bright stars of the drone-noise-folk constellation are represented on this disc: Bruce Russell, Bird Show and Lichens, The Opera Glove Sinks in the Sea, Of...Ohv, Keenan Lawler, The Zoo Wheel, White/Light, The Gray Field Recordings, Son of Earth, and Birds of Delay. I'm not on there, but I did do the artwork. $18 bucks for those of you who are into this type of thing; we take credit cards and PayPal.

    In other news, two poems of mine appeared this week in the new issue of Shampoo; you can check them out here if you want the direct route.


    Friday, April 21, 2006
    10:23 PM


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