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    It is looking increasingly likely that Number None will be doing a micro-tour of a few (3-4) US cities this March, joining up with drone minimalists Son of Earth and UK noise lads Birds of Delay (on their first US tour). Will we be coming to your town? Stay tuned.

    Here's a somewhat dubious photo of yours truly with the Birds chaps, from this summer, when we were over in the UK and touring briefly with them:

    Birds of Delay

    You can tell what kind of time I'm having, I think. (Hint: drunk)

    The forthcoming Rebis comp, Lead Into Gold, features tracks from both the Birds and Son of Earth, hopefully we'll get it out to the plant soon so we can have copies for sale on the tour.

    Also: a very kind review of the Damp and Damned tape-collaboration (of which we are now sold out).

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    Monday, January 23, 2006
    11:10 PM


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