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    Just got done teaching Jessica Hopper's "Emo : Where the Girls Aren't" article. I pretty regularly covet Jessica's style, force, and insight as a writer, and this article exemplifies her strengths in all of those departments. It's about not only the representations of women in emo music but more broadly about the uncomfortable dissonance that can exist between being a feminist (on the one hand) and being a lover of rock (on the other).

    Speaking of uncomfortable dissonance, check out this Washington Post article about "Kill Whitey" parties, booty bass parties staged in Brooklyn "for large groups of white hipsters." I'm all about the cultural cross-contamination, but this kind of party (at least as it's portrayed in the Post article) seems to want to slide into easy racist ironizing. (Note: one of the Williamsburg hipsters quoted in the article is Bianca Casady, one half of weird indie act CocoRosie, which led to this spirited rant over at Brainwashed.)

    Also over at Brainwashed today, more happily, is a nice review of Number None's Urmerica.


    Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    1:09 PM


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