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    raiding the 20th century

    Everyone's been talking about Raiding the 20th Century, an hour-long mashup mix that also serves as an unofficial history of the cut-up, featuring samples from William Burroughs, Grandmaster Flash, Steve Reich, John Oswald, Negativland, and other plunderphonic pioneers. But because of its unweildy size, it's been hard to find: various sites where it's been available have taken it down because of bandwidth concerns. (Those of you using BitTorrent may have an easier time, but at the risk of losing my geek badge I'll confess that I'm not very adept with P2P networking).

    In any case, it was just made available yesterday over at the WFMU blog. This is a temporary situation, so don't delay.


    Sunday, February 13, 2005
    1:58 PM


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